Are You Paying Too Much on Your Energy Bill?

Improperly installed fiberglass insulation can make your energy bill spike in the South Brunswick or Bolivia, NC areas

Low-quality or poorly installed fiberglass insulation is an issue you need to deal with ASAP. True Value Home Solutions installs fiberglass insulation in South Brunswick or Bolivia, NC and the surrounding area. We can install this affordable, fire- and moisture-resistant insulation in new and existing buildings. You can even call us to install insulation in your crawl space.

Email us today if you need to upgrade your insulation.

The benefits of installing spray foam insulation

If you can afford to install something a bit nicer than fiberglass, spray foam insulation is a great way to go. This is the premier type of insulation used in both new and existing buildings. Many homeowners choose this type of insulation because it’s:

  • Energy-efficient and creates an air barrier
  • Water-resistant to keep leaks and drips out
  • Versatile and fills gaps other kinds of insulation can’t

With its water-resistant properties, this kind of insulation is a popular choice for crawl spaces and other areas prone to water damage. If you want to save money with an efficient insulation option, schedule spray foam insulation installation services now.